Larry Belcher


Square Dance Caller

I learned to square dance in 1984 in Auburn AL under the direction of Varner Maxey, one of the best regional callers of his day. I began dabbling in singing calls in early 1985 and the end of 1985 had attended 2 caller colleges, one in Sebring FL with Gloria Rios Roth and the other at English Mountain Square Dance Resort with Jack Lasry, Daryll McMillan, and Gary Shoemake. In early 1986 I started a club in Tallassee AL, the Tallassee Twirlers. In late 1986 I was hired by the Auburn Allemanders, Village Squares of Auburn and the Beaus and Belles of Montgomery. I still call for the 2 Auburn Clubs and the Montgomery Club every week year round and added the Wheel Arounds of Fultondale AL in 2007, the War Eagle A’s in 2013, and travel extensively throughout AL, MS, GA, SC and LA. I am a member of CallerLab (BMI & ASCAP Licensed), Alabama Callers Association, Montgomery Area Callers Association (President), and the Northwest Florida Callers Association.
  I have one son, Dr. Jason Belcher, daughter-in-law Ashley and 3 wonderful grandchildren, Piper, Braden, Wren.
  Calling, for me, has given me the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people. Callers have taught me both the good and the bad. I have seen great choreography, great showmanship and learned important civility. Mostly Ive learned to laugh, both at myself and along with the dancers.  
  My hope at each dance is that both the dancers and I enjoy each others company. To have at least one good belly laugh at each event. Its about the dance experience for meChoreography tends to come second to simply having a great time!!!  
  I eagerly look forward to each dance. Each one has its own memories for me.  

Memories like

Being wrapped in Toilet paper while calling

Having dancers suck lemons in front of me while calling

Calling to 125 squares on one floor

Being showered with womens undergarments while doing Elvis

Playing Bruiser LaRue in an afterparty

The laughter and smiles from dancers

My first National Convention

Mostly, meeting and shaking the hands of my calling Idols

I cant wait to call!!!!!